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Grandparents Day 2013

On Friday 15th November we held our traditional Grandparents Day. This year we were fortunate to have over 220 Grandparents visit our school!

Grandparents were welcomed into school in two sessions. Their Grandchildren gave them a tour of our school, invited them to join in activities and treated them to a cup if tea in the hall.

We value the amazing support offered to children from their Grandparents. Because some Grandparents do not live locally, we invited them in so that they can appreciate all the wonderful activities and skills their Grandchildren are learning. Grandparents are very grateful for this opportunity to share in their Grandchild's school lives. The children feel proud of their school and love showing it off.

During the day, children were encouraged to ask their visitors questions about school days in the past. We also held a Book Fayre which is always a success.