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International Day

International Day Friday 23rd January

We celebrated our International day this year with lots of exciting activities. The whole school visited our Café de Lyndhurst and tried some French cheeses and saucisson sec as well as pain au chocolat and brioche. We practised saying s’il vous plait and merci to our waitresses who came to help from Davison High School.

Year 3

In year 3 we have been studying the rainforest so we looked at the colourful culture of Brazil. We learnt a samba dance, made bright Carnival masks and used our writing skills to make Brazil information posters.

Year 2 

We used Google Earth to navigate the globe and find famous international landmarks.

Year 1

We visited some European countries with our passports. We found out about Russia, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria, learnt how to say hello and goodbye in each language and collected a flag sticker for our passport.


Reception spent International Day learning about France. We found it on the map, researched Paris and looked at the Eiffel Tower. We learnt some French words. We can now say "bonjour", "au revoir", "merci", "s'il vous plait" and "joyeux anniversaire!" We made our passports and visited 'Café De Lyndhurst'. We were brave and tried lots of new foods. Some were very tasty and some were a bit sticky and smelly for us. We ate croissants, Roquefort cheese, Camembert cheese and pain au chocolat!

We enjoyed visiting France!