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Our Perfect New Playground!

By Perfectly Green... http://www.perfectlygreen.co.uk/

Over the Easter holidays we rejuvenated our outdoor play space by replacing the tired, worn grass with brand new artificial grass.  With our new artificial grass play area the children can enjoy the green space all year round and prevent dirt and mess from being brought back into the classroom.  Artificial grass lets the water drain through it so it dries quickly and of course there’s no mud.  The grass will stay green for many years to come and there’s hardly any maintenance for our caretaker.  Our brilliant staff really got their creative juices flowing and designed a fantastic landscaped area that looks superb and keeps the children active during their play and lunch times. 

The company who supplied and expertly installed the grass are Perfectly Green, who are based in Uckfield.  We gave them a job that they could really get stuck into!  We asked them to cover a really large area with artificial grass, about 200 square meters in total!  The work men from Perfectly Green did an amazing job removing some 28 tonnes of soil, as well as laying and trimming all the grass within just 1 week!  There were some simple large areas to lay as well as some more tricky areas which involved carefully cutting the grass to shape around our existing play equipment and giant wind chimes.  The children came back to school after their Easter break to find an exciting new artificial grass play area to explore and enjoy.  It turned out to be excellent timing as Spring now seems to have finally sprung!

Within one of the artificial grass lawns we have a wonderful hopscotch built in.  It looks like an old-fashioned chalk drawing on a tarmac playground but made from the same soft yarn as the grass.  It adds a real playground feel to our play area minus the inevitable grazed knees!  The hopscotch comes from the Perfectly Green Playtime range and it arrives as a separate piece so the installation team skilfully laid the surrounding grass so that it is perfectly flush with a seamless look.  We hope our new artificial grass play area is going to give the children somewhere engaging to play for years to come.