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Year 2


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Click here to read the Year 2 Autumn 2 Newsletter for 2016

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Welcome to Year 2

This is an overview of the main areas of learning for this year. In addition to what is written here, the children will also be continually learning English, Maths, Science, Phonics, ICT, Music, Art, DT, PE, PSCHE and RE. The children will be having external coaches in to teach them sports such as football, dance, netball and tennis as part of our PE curriculum and will have the opportunity to learn to play the ocarina as part of their music studies.

The newly formed Year 2 classes have settled well and are working hard on Team bonding activities.



Autumn 2016 – Kings, Queens and Castles

We begin our Learning Journey in Year 2 with our topic, ‘Kings, Queens and Castles’. Our studies have a strong Historical and Geographical element, alongside our key learning in English, Maths and Science. We start by looking at our immediate local area, creating maps and taking a walk to the beach and back through Worthing to use our geographical vocabulary and gain a greater sense of where we live.

 We have started our ‘Kings, Queens and Castles’ topic by finding out about the Battle of Hastings and the Bayeaux Tapestry.   2016 is the 950th anniversary of this historical event and the children have been re-enacting the battle and creating comic strips to tell the story.                    

In October we went further afield, finding out about the history of castles and visiting Arundel Castle. Our castle knowledge supported us in creating our own castle leaflets and we found out about the locations of other castles in the UK.

The half term homework task, to find out about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, was a huge success!! The standard of work that came into school was incredible, with a mixture of creative ways of presenting the facts that were found.

After half term, in History, we found out about British Kings and Queens, and made comparisons between the lives of William the Conqueror and Queen Elizabeth II as part of our famous people work.

Our Science work this term was related to ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.

In DT we harvested the vegetables that the children planted in Year 1 and used them to create soup to sell as an Enterprise activity.


Spring Term 2017 – Winter Beach / Explorers

We began the term with a mini topic on the Winter Beach where we visited the local beach and used our senses and ICT skills to record feelings and emotions that it evokes, in still and motion pictures, using cameras and Ipads.


This was followed up in class with some expressive poetry in English. In Art we looked at the work of artists such as J.M.W Turner and Richard Shilling, and evaluated their work as well as developed our own painting and sculpture skills.  

We then moved onto our main topic of ‘Explorers’ which we began with our Arctic Expedition! The children attended an 'Explorers Convention', followed by a range of drama activities to cross the terrain before arriving at the 'North pole' for hot chocolate!



The children continued the topic by finding out about famous explorers like Robert Shackleton and Tim Peake and their achievements as part of their historical studies.

Our Science work this term focused on Materials, looking at uses and suitability of materials as well as conducting an insulating experiment.

In Art we developed our sewing skills to create collaborative pieces of work and some beautiful sewn Easter cards!

Summer Term 2017 – The Rainforest

Our final term of the year begins with our topic of ‘The Rainforest’. One of our key areas of learning will be Geography, where we will be looking closely at maps and other sources to help us to understand more about the rainforest environment. We will also be making a comparison to our previous learning on the Polar Regions and our locality studies from the autumn term.

Plants and Animals including Humans are the areas we will be covering in Science, looking at life cycles and basic needs for survival. Sculpture and the work of Henri Rousseau will be the inspiration for our Art studies this term.


Spelling is a major part of the expectations of the new English curriculum. Click here to see the words that your child should be able to spell by the end of Year 2. There is also a list of words that your child should already be able to spell now that they have left Year 1, click here to see it.


Year 2 SAT’s

In addition to all the exciting learning we have planned for the children over the year, they will be doing their SAT tests during the first half of the summer term as they near the end of Key Stage One. These are national tests and we are required to administer them to all Year 2 pupils. They will take the form of reading comprehension tests, maths papers and tests on spelling, punctuation and grammar.  The government have reviewed and changed the SAT tests for Year 2 in line with the requirements of the new National Curriculum. Many of you attended the SAT's meeting in the hall just before the Easter holiday and every parent should have received a copy of an information booklet. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the class teacher or Mrs Halley.